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  • Handled everything with confidence and smarts.
    Visionary Research
  • I'm always impressed with the cleanliness and how well the facility is maintained. This is the facility in which I actually want clients to view groups I am moderating.
    Becton Dickinson
  • Would use again and highly recommend.
  • Project manager absolutely outstanding, fast, efficient and great. Made the project easy to manage and enjoyable.
    Futurescape Global Ltd
  • Terrific customer service- you could teach most other facilities how it's done right
    Foreman Consulting
  • Everything was perfect! Kitchen was clean, products were organized, communication ahead of time was great- couldn't ask for a better experience!
    Brinker International
  • Great all the way around!
    The Linden Hills Group
  • Great job recruiting kids groups- my clients and I were thrilled.
    Foreman Consulting
  • Recruit was filled efficiently and correctly.
    Primary Insights
  • You met my standards- which are high.
    Kraft Foods
  • Hostess fully and truly accommodating all day, every day.
    Primary Insights
  • Want to thank you and your team for terrific support and positive attitude. It's great to work with a team that is willing to adjust to our needs.
    Sensory Spectrum
  • Recruits were terrific.
    JS Strategic Partners
  • Assigned hostess seemed to anticipate my every need/question.
    Kraft/Oscar Mayer
  • Excellent project manager- kept me informed every step of the recruit, which was accomplished efficiently. Very flexible and helpful throughout. I would not change a thing!
    Real World
  • The whole experience was excellent. Friendly & helpful employees, clean and well lit facility.
    Deere & Co.
  • Project manager wonderful at keeping me apprised of daily recruiting effort.
    JS Strategic Partners
  • Your staff is great! We always enjoy working with you.
    Brinker International
  • Great to have TV in the kitchen and comfortable work space.
  • Precision Research is one of our most valued partners in the marketing research industry. They maintain the highest standards in delivering high quality data collection.
    Sohaila Shambayati
  • You got every detail right- from boiling hot water for tea to great recruiting.
    Grey Worldwide
  • Good job getting tough respondents.
    Ellison Research
  • From our point of view, your service was excellent- thank you.
    Futurescape Global Ltd
  • Very organized staff- great viewing room accommodations.
  • Great communication before and during the project.
    Brinker International
  • Client work stations are easy to use to evolve stimuli throughout the day.
    Kraft Foods
  • Excellent recruiting, great service and nice facility.
  • I didn't leave "wishing" for anything
  • Great management of overall session.
  • I have always been pleased with my experience with Precision.
    Hollander Cohen & McBride
  • No request is problematic.
    JS Strategic Partners
  • Don't be such a well kept secret
    Deere & Company
  • For almost 15 years, Precision Research has been a valuable partner in helping us serve our clientele though quality, timeliness and cost-effective performance. What differentiates Precision Research for our firm is the unquestioned confidence we have that their work will be done right and done right the first time.
    Carl Hendrickson
  • Paid attention to recruiting specs so carefully, and it showed!
    Doyle Research
  • The overall comfort of the backroom via furniture and space is much better than others.
  • Precision is just better than other facilities all around!
    Doyle Research
  • Recruit was very sound.
    National Cattlemen
  • Great to be able to listen to the respondents and work on the food products at the same time.
  • Viewing room and sound system very comfortable.
    Food Mix Marketing Communications
  • Employees are attentive and courteous- they have impressed me over these past 2 days.
  • Felt welcomed and at home in facility.
    ConAgra Foods
  • Keep doing what you are doing.
    Visionary Research
  • Excellent service for all of our kitchen needs.
    Kraft Foods
  • Recruiting was very good- good attention to detail.
  • Same good service as always.
    American Greetings Interactive
  • Customer service very good and always appreciated.
    Kraft Foods
  • Excellent accommodations and full jury panel.
    Kirkland & Ellis, LLP
Customer Satisfaction Research

What is more important to business success than happy customers?


Whether you service business (B2B) or consumers (B2C) we can help you get a pulse on how your company is performing in the customers eye. We can learn where improvements need to be made and how you compare to your competition. Using an ongoing evaluation program can also be useful in evaluating customer facing employees.



Depending on the business and the type of interaction we may recommend telephone surveys, web surveys or a blended approach. The results are often eye opening and certainly useful.