Looking to optimize a concept or product design?

Want to improve your website usability? 

Are you interested tracking your Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Using focus groups, in-depth interviews, usability testing, and       on-line surveys we can provide the insights you need.


Net Promoter (NPS) Customer Satisfaction Program

According to Frederick F. Reichheld research the net promoter score is the best indicator of how you are serving customers. It is “The one number you need to know to grow”. Forget about satisfaction score or ratings. Create more promoters and you will see growth. We can establish a program to measure your score. 


Product Optimization

Building a better widget is complicated. Finding the right balance between, features, aesthetics, and price can be difficult. Let us provide the customer insight you need to get it right.


Concept Optimization

Before you build, before you market, before you invest – concept test.  See if your ideas have legs. Which concept is the best of the bunch. Then we will let customers tell you  what can be done to improve it? It research is vital to avoiding costly marketing mistakes.


Usability Testing

Making products and websites easy to use is crucial. If customers struggle to use your site they simply move on to a competitor. Engineers are too immersed in the process to view things from a user perspective. Usability testing will identify weaknesses with current or test products/sites, providing vital detail that will make the customer experience rewarding.


Advertising (immediate response) testing

You don’t always want to trust your agency's creative instinct.  We bring customers to the table to see how see how your spot compares to others and provide guidance to improve your commercial.


Sensory Testing

Looking to introduce a new food item, perhaps change a formulation? We have the tools and facility to help you evaluate alternatives and identify the winners.


  • Focus Group Discussions

  • In-depth Interviews (telephone and face to face)

  • Ethnographic Research

  • Online Surveys

  • Hybrid Qual/Quant Research

  • Central Location Studies

  • Home Use Placements

  • On-site Intercept Surveys

Audiences/ Industries:

  • Construction

  • Attorneys

  • Health Care Professionals

  • Consumers

  • Restaurant

  • Automotive

  • Durable Goods (Appliances)

  • Food

  • Technology (Smart Devices, Home Automation)

  • Gaming