Hundreds of research facilities but none like us.

Comprehensive, flexible and highly capable.

  • Innovative space for creative breakout sessions

  • Comfortable relaxed living room setting for groups or 1 on 1's

  • Large rooms for hybrid qual/quant research

  • Auto Salon holds up to 4 vehicles

  • Ability to show a dozen or more appliances

  • Group seating for 70+ for audience studies & mock juries

  • Seating 30 for food taste tests

  • Connect kitchen sinks, washers, dryers

We are located on the first floor of an office building near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Doing Focus Groups near O'Hare could not be easier.


Outstanding Client Service

Nothing can make a day run better than a well-trained assistant dedicated to you and you alone. Our Qualitative Assistants anticipate your needs, you don’t have to micro-manage them.

Rich Amenities

We are well equipped. Independent heat and AC in all rooms. Private client debriefing space, dual provider (Comcast and WOW) internet with wireless support tested with 100+ users, high-speed copiers, color printers, client workstation, shelving systems, projectors and projection screens, LED/LCD displays.  Need more? Just ask.