Recruiting Consumers and B2B participants across the USA

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia & San Francisco. 

We are process driven for unprecedented recruiting quality.

We dial, network and think outside the box to recruit your target participants.

We are not afraid of working client lists or purchased sample.


Bad Recruiting = Bad Research.

Don’t assume your respondent recruiting is clean.  There are countless examples of less than ethical recruiters and respondents. Listen to this NPR story


Introducing PrecisionScreen

Our high integrity proprietary respondent recruitment process means you get the right people- not just anyone. No coaching, no cheating.  Our North American database is custom built for efficient and accurate recruitment.


Quality Control

We Audio Record Every Recruitment Call. Then we listen to to every call to ensure accurate recruitment from start to finish. This is genuine validation. This is real Quality Control.


Clever Sample Sourcing

We have been recruiting respondents for four decades and have grown up with the Internet. If we don’t have it in our in house panels, we have the resources and experience to find the right people.  Whether the target is medical professionals, business leaders or heavy equipment operators we can find them. We routinely arrange tele-depth appointments, face to face meetings or online focus groups around the country.

PDF DownloadsPrecision B2B Recruiting & Precision Medical Recruiting


OpinionWizard National Respondent DB

Our marketing research respondent panel is made up of real people, not faceless virtual respondents. When registering they provide rich demographic and behavior detail.  Our panel speeds the recruitment process while controlling research costs.

PDF DownloadsPrecision Consumer RecruitingPrecision Multi-Cutural Recruiting & Precision National Panel


Client Sample

We all know client sample can be a struggle. But we are up to the challenge. We can even return the data set with updated customer information. And we are prepared to supplement as needed.