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UX/UI is the rage and for good reason. Who can afford to release a flawed users interface or user experience. It make sense to test designs with real users so problems are resolved before production. Don’t wait for negative reviews on social media. Results from user testing are guaranteed to improve your design and customer satisfaction.


Instant Response data collection is ideal for interactive concept testing. It merges the best on quantifiable results with the richness of qualitative responses. We host large group of 40-90 an expose them to video or print concepts and you get to see the results in real time. Based on these results we can probe the audience to understand why they the felt the way they did.

We can provide discrete choice response or dial based system to capture moment by moment feelings.


Virtual store shelves brings package testing to a whole new level. Quickly change package designs and plan-o-grams between interviews. Add eye tracking to learn what attracts shopper attention to ensure your product ends up in the shopping cart.

Virtual shelves start at 10 feet and can expand to 30 feet in length.


Qualtrics - The most powerful online survey system in the industry. After close to 10 years using Qualtrics every day we qualify as experts on the platform. If you have a study that exceeds the capabilities of your survey platform or you just don’t have the bandwidth to get the work done., we are happy to help.

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As the creators of OpinionWizard, the most advanced recruiting, prescreening and call center management system, we know how to delivery qualified respondents quickly and affordably. OpinionWizard recruiting technology, improves recruit quality by keeping out cheater and targeting just the right respondents. To learn more visit OpinonTek.com