Why Choose Us


What Makes Us Different
Lots. People come to us when they can’t find what they need or are not being serviced the way they expect and deserve.  We’re independently owned with ownership onsite. 

We defy convention…
Unlike conventional focus facilities, what sets us apart is our partnership with like kind facilities. We have developed relationship with owner operators of comprehensive research venues that have large multipurpose rooms and test kitchens.

We are fully invested...
National reach, although we are not a chain operator, we provide a one call does it all field solution by working with independently owned and operated partners that are vetted for quality and responsiveness. This give clients the benefits of national reach without the drop in quality and lack of accountability that can come with working with large chain operators. 




We work diligently to be as accurate as possible.


We will keep clients informed every step of the way. 


We vow to do the research the right way, not cut corners to maximize profit or "just get the job done."


We aim to meet all commitments and apply the needed resources to do so.


We are hired to find the truth regardless of client predispositions. True findings, no matter how unfavorable, are in everyone's best interests.


We price projects with the goal of making a reasonable profit at a competitive price. We don’t change our price unless specifications change.

Our Story:

Precision Research started back in 1959 when the industry was just beginning. Interviews were largely conducted on a door-to-door basis. Iona Adleman started as an interviewer in the early 1970's and later became manager of Precision, which at the time was called Precision Interviewing Service. She later purchased the company for $1.00 and began running the company from a bedroom office.

The company moved out of her home and into shopping centers where mall intercept surveys were conducted as an alternative to door-to-door. She later built a focus facility to accommodate the growing need for qualitative research.

In 1983, after graduating from college, her son Scott joined the company and worked his way up to president.

The company now offers a broad range of both qualitative and quantitative research services. While primarily focused on data collection, Scott Adleman provides research consulting, design and moderation services as well.


Why conduct research in the O’Hare Airport area?



Precision's database of offers a great mix of urban and suburban consumers. We draw from the entire Chicago market as well as a vast swath of Chicago’s suburbs reaching people of all income levels. LEARN MORE

Our database grows everyday supporting research across the nation. 


When it comes to medical research there is no need to head to the city.  Our O’Hare location is never a problem for downtown medical professionals and it draws from many major suburban hospitals that the city locations can not do..


Why waste an hour each way traveling in and out of the city and pay for everyone’s parking?  Come visit us and see how easy research can be. Attentive Service, Rigorous Recruiting and Robust Facilities.


Staying near the airport really pays off.  You get to our offices in minutes instead of hours.  Then when work is over and you want to do something fun, you are just minutes from Rosemont Entertainment District, several major shopping centers and Chicago’s River Casino. 



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