Usability-User Experience Lab

Usability Research

UX/UI is the rage and for good reason. No one can afford to release a flawed user interface or user experience. It makes sense to test designs with real users so problems are resolved before production. Don’t wait for negative reviews on social media. Results from user testing are guaranteed to improve your design and customer satisfaction.


Shopping Aisle Package Testing

Rapid testing of product packaging and positioning

Using eye-tracking, basket metrics and qualitative interviews, clients can extract immediate insights from shoppers’ interactions with the aisle.

Quickly change package designs and plan-o-grams between interviews.

Key benefits:

  • Ability to simultaneously test multiple design options and plan-o-grams between interviews

  • Faster results than in-market testing

  • Identify leading design options for further research or in-market testing

Virtual shelves are 6 by 10 feet and can expand to 30 feet in length

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.41.54 PM.png

The Virtual Aisle lends itself to both quantitative and qualitative approaches and is ideal for:

  • POGs / Aisle Resets / Merchandising

  • Package Testing / Optimization

  • Shop-A-Longs, POS, Signage & Displays

  • Menuboard Optimization


HD Video You Can Use

Amazing Video Quality

There is simply no comparison between standard facility video and HD video. Even without an operator, high definition video and vivid color will surely impress all stakeholders.

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 3.14.58 PM.png

HD Video Editing, Clipping and Sharing Simplified

So, no more time-consuming downloads or complicated editing and no need to hire a production company to get clips to make your reports standout. Clipping is easy with the built in tools.

Free Computer Transcripts

Transcripts are included in every recorded project and are linked to the video. This makes searching the video for the right clip simple and fast. Transcripts can be download. Human transcripts are available for an added fee.

LiveStream in HD

Our HD video is available for live-streaming and is superior to FocusVision with all the added benefits above.

Compare and Price


Instant Response

Better Insights


Instant Response Audience Testing

This approach is ideal for interactive concept testing as it merges the best of quantitative research with the richness of qualitative responses. You will see results instantly on a question by question basis.

Questions can be discrete choice (yes/no, rating scales) or emotion based using an analog dial.


Probe for better understanding

As questions are answered, aggregate results provide the opportunity to drive discussions during a town hall meeting.

Sample sizes range from 8-100 people per session. 


When to use this tool

Instant insight has been used for concept testing, product optimization, communications testing, and product positioning in over 50 industries from small businesses to Fortune 500’s.


Qualtrics Survey Programming


Highly Experienced Survey Creators

After close to 10 years of using Qualtrics every day we qualify as experts on the platform. If you have a study that exceeds the capabilities of your survey platform or you just don’t have the bandwidth to get the work done, we are here to help.

Superior Survey Capabiliites Without an Annual Commitment

Have you ever had to make compromises in survey design due to the limitations of your survey software? We know, we have been there. That is why we choose Qualtrics, the most powerful online survey system in the industry.

However, Qualtrics is costly, and it can be hard to justify the expense for just one or two projects.

That’s where we can help. We can program your survey using Qualtrics so you can get the best, without an annual commitment.


Extra Help When in Need

Sometimes the demand for survey data exceeds your ability to program and launch surveys in a timely manner. We help companies power through the programming crunch time affordably.


Why would I need

FTP Cloud Services?

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 3.28.10 PM.png

Private FTP Storage for respondent uploads

More and more respondents are asked to share photos and video files that are too large to email. These emails don’t go out or can’t be received. They clog Inboxes, resulting in poor email performance.

Our FTP solution offers a way to get these large files out of the email stream, and into our private cloud.

Each respondent gets a personal storage site

This keeps images and videos from getting mixed up because respondents either cannot or do not label files correctly.

Once we receive the uploads, we then review, label and move the files so you can access them. Respondent submissions are indefinitely available for download or viewing from on our site.

Simple for you!


Better recruiting via our OpinionWizard system


Respondent Database

Highly flexible database design;

  • Maintains data integrity

  • User customizable to fit changing data needs

  • Easy for respondents and recruiters to update


Recruiting Manager

This system manages all aspects of recruiting:

  • Selecting Sample (prospect)

  • Sending survey links

  • Agent screens to disposition callers and schedule them into sessions

  • Confirmations and reminders

  • Reports for management and checkin

  • Employee time tracking

  • Includes mobile phone app



Online Survey tool allow you to quickly build complex screeners for prequalifying respondents.

Tightly integrates with OpinionWizard to:

  • Set callback appointments

  • Record disposition

  • Update respondent profile data

  • Builds a knowledge base accessible for respondent selection on future projects