OpinionWizard Video Contest


Enter to Win

Here’s the deal, we are sponsoring a video contest. We need your help and have a cool offer. We want people to share their experiences participating in research projects with Precision. Make a short video, under 25 seconds. If we use yours on our website or YouTube, you will get $250. AND If that video goes viral and gets over 50,000 views on YouTube, we’ll pay you $500 more!

You can talk about anything you think will get people to join our program.

The Rules:

  • Video length 25 seconds or less

  • Don’t mention brand names or we can’t use it

  • Don’t mention any other names (yours, friends, celebrities, etc.)

  • Topics are OK but be general (remember no brands)

  • No profanity or nudity

  • Don’t wear clothes that display profanity, nudity or a brand name/logos

  • Have fun!

Once you make the video . . .

  • Label the file with your name and phone number:

    • Example: Wizard 847-390-8778.mp4

  • Then . . .

Don’t send your video via email.

Our upload site http://clientftp.preres.com

  • USER: opinionwizard

  • PW: Precision777