What do dialing reports have to do with Qualitative Research?

As qualitative researchers, many of us prefer to avoid numeric analysis. However, recruiting, whether for IDI’s, Triads, Focus Groups or Ethnographies, is a numbers game. How many people did we contact and where did they fall out? This information is invaluable to us in finding solutions when recruiting struggles.  The time to start collecting this data is before problems occur.

We approach every recruitment project with the tools needed to analyze production. Before we begin recruiting a consumer project we set up a single use link to a web based pre-screening survey, which tracks all disqualifications. Those that prequalify are spoken with again and our proprietary recruiting system logs all call dispositions.  The results of these systems are aggregated on one of our master reporting spreadsheets.

Most of the time you will never need to look at these reports. We do that for you. If there is a problem we have the data needed to support screening modifications.  We also have the ability to recall those that dropped out if changes are made to the qualifications.