Clean Recruiting Part 2: Pre-screening Done Right

The first step in recruiting for most consumer jobs is an email invitation to a web screener…

For many companies, the survey questions are in the body of the email where they can often lead respondents, allowing them to easily guess their way in.  The sample survey to the right was based on a real email survey from a national focus group company that someone shared with me.

Regardless of how they collect the survey questions, for most recruiting companies that is where the automation stops. A supervisor then sifts through the results and hands out contact sheets for each person who appears to qualify. You will find out why this is  a huge problem in Clean Recruiting Part 3.

A proper web-survey tool (not Google docs, or questions in the body of an email) can be programmed to display only one question at a time. This way, respondents can't tell which way the survey is headed and answer accordingly to qualify.

We email, text and use OpinionWizard app notifications to alert people who fit the geographic and demographic profile for the study, excluding individuals based on status (Blacklisted), and past participation at three levels, client (usually never), end client (usually never) and last attended date (specified time period). 

QUESTION FOR YOUR RECRUITER: Are you using a true web survey platform for pre-screening, or are questions answered in an email or document? Answer should be: True Web Survey Platform (ask for the name or a demo, to verify).

Having fun? Want to See Another Bad Example?

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