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Experts In Real World Consumer Insights

Focus Group Research Facility

Hundreds of research facilities are out there, but ours is distinct in the capacity to easily provide small or large research settings. Our distinctive facility includes creative spaces that can flexibly accommodate a dozen appliances, connect kitchen sinks, multiple cars, beds, doors or windows, camping equipment, food testing, groups of 75, or replicate a living-room environment. Check us out.

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Market Research Consulting

We provide research to optimize concepts, products, or to understand customer needs and expectations.  We can also establish a Net Promoter Score (NPS) program, or your products UX/UI. Using focus groups, our usability lab, web surveys, test kitchen and more, we have the experience to provide effective research solutions.

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Recruiting for Marketing Research

Often overlooked, improper or unethical recruiting invalidates research. We pride ourselves as being the best recruiters in the industry. We recruit both Consumers and BTB participants across the USA. Using our propriety OpinionWizard Recruiting system, national panel of survey participants, a client provided sample, or creative resources, we can get even the most demanding jobs accomplished.

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Sensory Research

With years of experience and a commercial test kitchen, we help companies optimize products or develop new opportunities. We cater to the demanding needs of restaurants, as well as consumer food products and beverages.

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Legal Research Support Services

Our unique and affordable approach to trademark infringement research will provide the proof you need to negotiate, litigate or fold. Other services include mock jury facilities, recruitment and claims substantiation research.

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On-site Intercept Research

Sometimes the best way to reach people is to be where they are. Our expert team goes where needed— trade shows, airports, and retail venues.

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